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  • iCarly Reunion Means iWedding!

  • Nathan Kress and his new wife London are sharing their beautiful wedding video with all of their fans.

    “This was something that we had originally intended to keep private… But after finally getting to see our finished wedding highlights this morning, we decided that we want for the fans, and anyone who is interested, to be able to get just a small look into what happened on this incredible day,” Nathan, 23, shared on Instagram.

    He added, “For those who don’t know much about us, I hope this gives you an idea of where we come from. My fans and followers mean a lot to me, and because of the overwhelming support we received from so many of you during this time, we want you to feel like you were there.”

    London added her own message on her account, writing, “We were going to keep this private, but how could we, with such insurmountable joy?? Know that all of the love and devotion does not go unnoticed, and we want to invite you all to be a part of the best day of our lives, too. Thank you for celebrating with us, whether you were actually there, or there in spirit. You all mean so much to us…more than you know.”

    London + Nathan // Villa del Sol d’Oro

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    iCarly Reunion Means iWedding!

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    25.02.2018 Агния:
    Лондон Элиз Мур. Список фильмов, в которых снимался Лондон Элиз Мур. Фильмография, персонажи отсортированные по дате выхода.

    22.03.2018 Харлампий:
    Бывшая "iCarly"-звезда женился на Лондон Элиз Мур в воскресенье (15 ноября) днём в Лос-Анджелесе.  Она позже позировала в фото-кабине с близкими друзьями: Дженнет Маккарди и Джерри Трэйнором.

    12.03.2018 Гурий:
    London Elise Moore. Информация о персоне, фильмография, биография.  Фото – не воробей. 9 секс-скандалов с утекшими фото и видео. Ключ на старт! 10 лучших советских фильмов о космосе.

    27.03.2018 Аполлон:
    Фильмы дляонлайн просмотра. Лондон Элиз Мур (London Elise Moore). Дата рождения  Фотографии. Добавить фото.

    10.02.2018 Эльвира:
    Learn about London Elise Kress: her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.  More Fun Facts. London Elise Kress Popularity.

    25.03.2018 asimbroch:
    Фильмы с Лондон Элиз Мур. Другая женщина / The Other Woman. 2014, США, Мелодрама, Комедия, 109 минут.